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The Agilite Pincer Pouch is a MOLLE backed fast-draw low profile elastic mag pouch for a single 5.56 magazine. The patented funnel-shaped magnetic hole design makes it possible to grab or re-index a magazine with one hand.

Open warehouse bags are popular, but have inherent flaws. They are often clumsy, clumsy, noisy or impossible to re-index a warehouse with one hand.

The Pincer Pouch is lightweight, low profile, quiet and allows you to re-insert a magazine without a hitch.

The Pincer Pouch is incredibly versatile, with a laser cut rear MOLLE to fit perfectly on all battle belts and plate carriers.

The Pincer Pouch also has a loop on the inside so you can add Agilite Jump Retention tabs if your unit’s regulations require it. They feature Agilite’s patented AG™ polymer pull tab technology, so even when used, they give you unhindered one-handed access to your warehouses.

Whether you’re defending your country at the point of the spear, defending your family, or defending your home, Pincer Pouches will give you an edge.


  • Fits a 5.56×45 AR or M4 rifle magazine.


  • Fits in: A single 5.56 warehouse
  • Weight: 3oz (83g)
  • Dimensions: 14cm*9.5cm*3cm
  • Patented durable polymer magwells
  • Laser cut Squadron mil-spec laminate fabric


  • Suitable for a 5.56 warehouse
  • MOLLE support
  • Can be connected to all battle belts and plate carriers
  • Quick-draw mag pouch with rock-solid retention
  • Patented magnet holder funnels magazines in the pouch, snag-free
  • Low profile elastic bag with superior durability and retention
  • Proven in Israel


Additional information

Weight 0,083 kg
Agilite colors

Black, Multicam, Ranger Green



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