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The Agilite Pincer Placard™ is an elastic placard with hook backing that can hold three 5.56 magazines. Thanks to the revolutionary, patent-pending funnel-shaped magwell design, you can grab or re-index a warehouse with just one hand, while still maintaining a rock-solid retention so your magazines never fall out.

Elastic warehouse bags are popular because of their easy access and low profile. However, they all have 1 of the 2 flaws:

Either they are too closed, so it is almost impossible to re-enter a warehouse with 1 hand.
Or they’re too loose for you to reposition a magazine, but you have to worry about it falling out because of unreliable retention.

The Pincer Placard™ solves both problems and gives you the best of all worlds.
The patent-pending funnel-shaped magwells guide your magazines into the bags, so you can re-insert a warehouse with just one hand without any problems. Despite this possibility, the forceps pockets still hold the magazines tightly, so you never have to worry about losing them.

The Pincer Placard™ comes standard with both MOLLE placard buckles and G hooks and has a built-in height adjustment capability so that it fits not only on Agilite plate carriers, but also on any placard-compatible plate carrier and instantly gets a perfect fit. It also has laser-cut loops on the side for attachment to common chest harness systems.

The base of the Pincer placard is made of laser-cut Mil-Spec Squadron material that allows water drainage but covers the ends of your magazines to protect them from dust, dirt, and wear that can cause weapon failure.

The Polymer magwells give elastic pouches long-lasting reliable retention and superior durability where they normally fall apart.

While not required, the Placard also has a loop interior, so you can add Agilite Jump Retention tabs if your unit’s regulations require for skydiving, rotating or maritime operations or if you just want to add an extra layer of retention. They include Agilite’s patented AG™ technology with polymer pull tabs, so even when applied, they give you unhindered one-handed access to your magazines.

Whether you’re defending your country on the tip of the spear or defending your family, the Agilite Pincer Placard gives you an edge.


  • Suitable for three 5.56 warehouses
  • Magazine bag with brackets for plate carriers
  • Patented funnel-shaped warehouse tubes guide the warehouse to the optimal insertion point, so the magazine doesn’t get stuck and can be re-indexed quickly
  • Polymer magwells give elastic pouches long-lasting reliable retention and superior durability
  • Attaches to any Agilite or other plate carrier or backpack in seconds
  • Built-in ability to adjust the height for perfect positioning of the plate carrier
  • Compatible with both G Hook and Placard Buckle (both included with the product)
  • Allows the warehouse to be quietly picked up or reinserted
  • Designed, tested and tested in battle in Israel


  • Suitable for three 5.56 warehouses
  • Weight: 181 grams
  • Dimensions: 25cm*9cm (9.8″ x 3.5″)
  • Patent pending durable polymer magwells
  • Patented mil-spec G hooks
  • Including mil-spec polymer MOLLE Placard buckles
  • Laser-cut Squadron mil-spec laminate fabric


The Pincer Placard fits on any plate carrier that is suitable for placards and is equipped with both G-Hooks and MOLLE placard buckles.

The Pincer placard is built for three 5.56 warehouses and can also be used for similar or smaller items.

Hook and loop chest pan dimensions: 25cm*9cm (9.8″ x 3.5″)


Q: Does this fit on my Plate Carrier ?
A: The Pincer Placard can be attached to any Agilite or other plate carrier or backpack in seconds.

Q: What caliber of magazines does the Pincer Placard fit on?
A: The Pincer Placard™ only fits 5.56, AR-15 style magazines

Q:Is this pouch also available in the singular?
A: At the moment, the pincer placard is only available as a triple mag pouch

Q:Do I need Jump Retention Tabs for the Pincer Placard?
A:Only if your unit’s regulations require them for skydiving, rotating or maritime operations or if you just want an extra layer of retention. If you put other items in the bag in addition to the 5.56 magazines, you can use them for additional retention.

Q: Do items other than 5.56 warehouses fit in the pincer?
A:Yes, it is intended for 5.56 magazines, but other objects of similar size can also fit in it, for example flashlights. For other items you can add the Agilite Jump Retention tabs





Additional information

Weight 0,181 kg
Agilite colors

Black, Multicam, Multicam Black, Ranger Green



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