Agilite SF balaclava


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The Agilite SF Balaclava is worn by Israeli and other special operators who have to hide their identity even during operations in the fierce Middle East heat and extreme physical exertion. It’s made from our ultra-thin Combat Cool™ moisture-wicking fabric so it doesn’t interfere with breathing or talking through communication. `

The SF Balaclava has a versatile positioning for coverage of the whole face, half the face or just the neck, depending on your mission.

The patented Combat Cool™ fabric uses advanced moisture-regulating technology to lower body temperature and prevent fatigue. It has also been treated antibacterially to prevent microbe-induced odors. One size fits everyone.


  • Combat Cool™ moisture wicking technology
  • Antibacterial Treated to prevent microbe-induced odors
  • Used by Israeli military special operators for hiding and protecting the face
  • Versatile positioning for coverage of the whole face, half face and only the neck, depending on the needs of your mission
  • Extends below the neckline for extended coverage
  • Ultra-thin material for use with Comms and maximum breathability


Additional information

Weight 0,050 kg
Agilite colors

Black, Coyote Tan, Ranger Green


Gentlemen, Women


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