Snigel Large handcuff pouch -15


Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.

A lightweight bag for your large handcuffs, which keeps them quiet and secure, easy to use and attaches to the equipment belt.
The pouch is securely attached to the belt or vest
Suitable for normal and large handcuffs
Snap fastener with Velcro
The Velcro closure makes it possible to close the pouch quickly and easily.
The pouch is fully padded to reduce the rattling of the handcuffs and make the pouch as strong as possible
The pouch does not absorb water, does not rot and does not soften in the rain
The foldable fastening system makes it possible to attach the pouch to any vest or belt. The pouch can be attached to the belt without removing what is already on the belt. Open the fastening straps on the back of the case. Place the pouch on the outer belt. Thread the fastening strap under the horizontal strap on the pouch and close the fastening straps.

Fits in:

Service belt, Leg Platform, Equipment Vest and on the belt

Weight: 60 g
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 4 cm

Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.

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