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Gerber Crucial Black w/Strap cutter 31-001518


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This light everyday multi-tool for everyday use gets an unexpected upgrade with professional tools that are reliable. Made of stainless steel and available in multiple colors. This tool has a precise point tong and 8 other components that are attached in a handy butterfly style.

Meet the tough but light Crucial. With professional components of a precise point tong and eight other carefully selected features, this everyday essential multitool is one of the always diverse, ever-popular Gerber multitools series.


The Crucial steps straight forward to respond to the surprise obstacles that life so routinely unites. It offers the partially toothed blade and the Phillips and flat drivers, all of which are liner locking for safe application, to address the business end of everyday problems. Use the partially serrated knife to cut cables or open packages, and twist loose screws around the house, office or work location with the cross-head screwdrivers or flat head.


In addition to the knife and screwdrivers, the Crucial contains a nice long tangentang, V-cutter cutters, a carbine hook and an ingenious pocket clip, making this tool the most convenient daily multitool. The tools’ handles are ergonomically curved for a firm grip and a larger torque. The sleek, lean Crucial combines the precise range of tools with the unobtrusive 3.5-inch frame and ensures that you tackle problems without fear.

To order, contact us at info@afullmetaljacket.com

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