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A modular, heavy-duty backpack with external frame, designed for the Finnish Armed Forces in 2008. Capacity approx. 80 l. The modular LJK is designed to meet the needs of the armed forces for a modern military backpack. The characteristics and details are well thought out according to the needs of the 21st century without compromising durability and reliability in extremely heavy military use. The backpack can be customized to your needs with separate pockets and numerous attachment points.
There’s not much left of the old LJK backpack, except for the name, external frame design and a construction that can withstand pretty much anything. The compartments and structure of the entire backpack have been completely redesigned. The end result is more practical than before and considerably more versatile. The modular LJK has also proved to be a functional and reliable carrier when used by the Finnish armed forces and the Finnish border guard.

A traditional backpack with external frame is at its best with a heavy load, but is also suitable for lighter trips. The external tube frame ensures air circulation between the pocket itself and the user’s back, significantly reducing the heat load. Although anatomical backpacks have taken over some grass in the backpack market, there are still situations where nothing is better than an external frame backpack.

The upper compartment of the bag (dimensions about 50 x 35 x 25 cm) is closed by attaching the opening of the drawstring, which is secured with a waterproof protective collar that also allows overpackaging. The opening is first covered with a attached straps and is then covered with a generous flap that is secured with buckle closures. The straps are long enough to wear, for example, a sleeping bag or mat under the flap. In addition to the buckles on the straps, there are spare metal buckles under the valve in the event of a worst case scenario. The top and lower compartments of the bag are separated by an intermediate shot that can open, allowing the whole bag to be changed to one large compartment if desired.

In the upper compartment there is a mesh bag for small items. The pouch can also contain a wide hydration bladder and on each top corner of the backpack are exhausts for the hoses.

The bottom compartment of the bag (dimensions approximately 35 x 35 x 25 cm) is closed with a two-way zipper that is secured with two buckles. The buckles should always be fastened because they take away some of the weight and strain the zippers.

The side pockets (dimensions approximately 30 x 17 x 11 cm) open from the top with long zippers. The side compartments are removable and can be attached to the sides or back of the backpack at the necessary height. They can also be completely omitted if desired. The bags are attached to the backpack with MOLLE girders used in military equipment. It is a very simple, durable and reliable attachment method.

There is a generous number of fastening loops on top of the valve and in the main compartment. This makes it possible to secure even large loads (such as the beloved Sissi tent) on or under the valve by means of detachable tires. The loops on the inside of the flap are perfect for attaching a sleeping mat. Especially a military-style tent mattress can be attached to this by means of the elastic bands.

There are several belt loops on the sides and back of the backpack that can be attached to various essentials with detachable straps. The backpack comes with four two-piece buckles that can be moved freely between the backpack’s attachment points. By default, they are used to strengthen the attachment of the side boxes.

There is a lot of MOLLE webbing on top of the flap, on the sides, back and bottom of the bag and in the lower compartment for attaching additional pockets. You can also easily tie supplies to the girth using detachable straps.

The lower corners of the bag have open pockets to attach long devices, e.g. an axe handle, to the side of the backpack.

The lower corners of the shoulder straps have loops that serve as attachment points for small objects, such as water bottles.

The frame of the support system is the strong aluminium tube frame of the LJK model. Unlike civilian backpacks, it has no upper bend because the bend easily sits in the head’s way when it is necessary to move on rough terrain. Furthermore, the frame is reinforced with additional support blocks. The shoulder straps and waistband are firmly padded and anatomically shaped. In addition, the lower back is supported by a separate thick pillow. The buckle of the hip belt is a special plastic buckle that can be pulled in both directions and can be opened by pressing on the middle. The nodded chest strap provides extra comfort and support when wearing.

The stepless adjustable (in length and width) supporting support support system and hip belt of the backpack can be adapted to users of all different heights and sizes. It is possible to adjust the center of gravity of the shoulder straps even while walking by tightening and loosening the straps attached to the top of the frame. The centre of gravity of the backpack itself between the shoulders and the hips is adjusted by loosening and tightening the shoulder straps and hip belt.

External dimensions: height 80 cm, width 35 cm, depth 30 cm.
Content: 80 l.
Weight: 3.90 kg.
Materials: 1000D Cordura, polyester band, special Delrin plastic buckles and Kroko zippers.
Frame: DUR aluminium.
Colour: olive green.

The product has a 10-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

The product has a 10-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

This product is no longer made by Savotta. The Savotta Jääkäri XL replaces this article.

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