Beretta Cleaning Kit Pistol Go 22/5.6


Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.

Basic cleaning kit for pistol. go 22/5.6


The range of Beretta cleaning kits has been renovated to offer the user a wide choice of kits for the most complete cleaning at home or on the field. Taking care of and keeping your firearm clean is important to achieve good performance: it is only an advantage for better results during shooting, but it also guarantees increased safety and prevents problems due to the chemical residue in the vessels, if not removed in a short time. a full range of products for cleaning and taking care of your weapon. The range includes all the accessories and oils you need to get great performance out of your weapon, whether it’s a shotgun, a rifle, or a gun. All our cleaning products are Made in Italy, developed in close collaboration with our experts to always get the most out of your weapon.


  • Aluminum bar
  • 1 wool brush with Beretta Iconic color shoulder strap
  • 1 steel brush
  • 1 nylon brush
  • 1 bottle of “Factory Official CLP Gun Oil”.

Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.


Additional information

Weight 0,100 kg


Weapon maintenance

Oil, Spiral brush

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