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Beretta Cleaning Kit shotgun go 20


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Basic cleaning kit for rifles. Cal 20

The range of Beretta cleaning kits has been revamped to provide the user with a wide range of kits to facilitate the most thorough cleaning at home or in the field. Maintaining and cleaning your gun is important to ensure good performance: this is not only an advantage for getting better results when firing, but also helps to ensure greater safety as the problems caused by the presence of chemical residues in the vessels are avoided if they are not removed in a short time. Beretta also offers a full range of products for cleaning and maintaining your gun. This range includes all the accessories and oils you need to ensure the good performance of your weapon, whether it’s a rifle, rifle or pistol. All our cleaning products are made in Italy, developed in close collaboration with our experts so that you always get the most out of your weapon.

Packaging content:

  • 3-piece steel rod with PVC coating and ergonomic non-slip handle
  • 1 wool brush in the colours of the iconic Beretta shoulder strap
  • 1 spiral steel brush
  • 1 nylon brush
  • 1 bottle of Genuine CLP Gun Oil.

The delivery time for this article is +- 3 weeks


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Weapon maintenance

Oil, Spiral brush

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