Ballistol spray 200ml


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Ballistol maintenance oil can rightly be called a panacea. Already in 1904, the formula for Ballistol was developed. This maintenance oil with pine scent was originally intended as weapon oil. Not long after the introduction, the lubricating, cleansing and protective effect of Ballistol was noticed. Since then millions of people trust daily in numerous activities on the products of this Bavarian company.

Ballistol is food safe and can be used for hundreds of purposes. It does not dry out and clotting not. Ballistol is biodegradable and skin friendly. It creeps between hinged parts as a creep oil. Making common hinges or bolts is a piece of cake for Ballistol. Some other relevant applications are:

  • Lubricating Pocket Knives Multi tools
  • Protecting metal against rust
  • Leather smooth and unfastened, also protects against insects and fungus
  • The cleaning of firearms
  • Oils (dehydrated) wood, think of handles
  • Lubricating hinges and other moving (metallic) parts

The delivery time for this article is +- 3 weeks


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