SnigelDesign Carrier pouch DF -12


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A small backpack or pouch for your ballistic plate.
Can hold one ballistic plate or one 2,5 liter hydration system.
Foam ridges on the inside for increased ventilation , comfort and lower trauma.
Can be attached on the back of the “strap on” plate carrier or any vest.
MOLLE bands on the outside so you can attach other pouches on it.
Velcro patches on the front for name and unit signs.
The bottom of the plate carrier can be opened so the plates can be pulled out in an emergency.
Can be used as a plate carrier with the Carrier pouch or one Double carrier pouch. Just connect them with the shoulder straps -11 and the T-bars -10 in the side.
You can also use this carrier as a backpack on your modular vest or on the outside of a backpack to increase the storage capacity.
Or even as a shoulder bag with the carry strap -11.

Dimensions: L=33, W=25 & D=4 cm.

Weight: 330 g

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