UphillSport Combat Tactical 3-Layer L2 Duratech sock with Bamboo


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Uphillsport Combat is perfect for all actions in medium and hot conditions. The 3-layer Duratech structure protects the bamboo and ensures that it is soft and breathable. The multi-layer structure wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps your feet warm and dry. The special combination of multilayer with polypropylene next to the skin, bamboo in the middle to bring heat (grade 2) and the sock is light in thickness. Polyamide on the outside makes the sock extremely durable. Uphillsport’s Duratech invention has been adapted as the most widely used sock in the Finnish army. More than a million pairs are used in action. The Duratech sock is designed to be very durable and bamboo absorbs a lot of sweat and keeps the boot dry. This makes Combat the ultimate military sock for any outdoor activity.

The foot section of the Combat Sock has a fitted heel and a seamless toe. This improves support in the middle of the foot and adds comfort by keeping the sock wrinkle-free in place. No more blisters with Combat socks. Combat is on crew length, to fit above the walking shoe. This prevents your boot from rubbing over your skin. The Combat sock is available in dark grey, navy blue and black in all sizes. The Combat sock will enhance your outdoor experience because you can really feel your feet in perfect condition.

Ball points:

  • Combat is perfect for all actions in medium and cold conditions. Combat is man-length so they fit above the boot – Available in dark grey, navy blue and black in all sizes
  • Combat Trekking Socks are made with a 3-layer Duratech structure – Several layers wick away moisture and keep the feet warm – This guarantees great breathability, moisture regulation and durability
  • Heat grade 2, ideal for medium and warm seasons – in Duratech bamboo is knitted between polypropylene and polyamide for better moisture regulation and durability – Duratech is uphillsport’s most durable sock – used in the Finnish army since 2005
  • Uphillsport’s unique multilayer structure makes the sock highly breathable and durable, yet lightweight in thickness. Combat has a sports shaft with Bamboo, and a thin, 3-layer foot section- This sock fits in a closed shoe, or can be used as a lining
  • The foot section of the Combat sock has a heel and seamless toe – This improves support in the middle of the foot, and adds comfort by holding the sock in place, wrinkle-free.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3-layer structure – keeps feet feeling good and dry
  • Thin structure – breathable and durable
  • Elastic sports shaft – stays in place


  • Light thickness
  • Thermal degree: 2
  • Crew length

Materials: 60% Bamboo Viscose, 20% Polypropylene, 19% Polyamide, 1% Lycra


Additional information

Weight 0,040 kg

Black, Gray, Navy

Sock sizes

EUR 35-38 UK 2.5-5 US Female 5-6 US Male 3.5-6, EUR 39-42 UK 5.5-8 US Female 8-10.5 US Male 6.5-9, EUR 43-46 UK 8.-11 US Male 9.5-12, EUR 47-50 UK 12-14 US Male 12,5- 15,5


Gentlemen, Women





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