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SnigelDesign Combination glove holder -09


The delivery time for this article is +- 3 weeks

Weight: 40 g

Dimensions: L= 10, W= 9 & D=2-4

Fits in: Gloves and disposable gloves

Fits on: The equipment belt and all other plattforms


A versitile glove holder for 2 pairs of surgical gloves or one pair of normal gloves
  1. 2 inside compartments for disposable gloves
  2. Fits most gloves vertically or horisontally
    • Verticall leaves more space for other things on the belt
    • There i exposed rubber on the inside of the holder to prevent the gloves from slipping out of the holder
  3. Velcro attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt
    • It is attached on the belt with the velcro bands on the back of the pouch
    • You can attach the holder without removing the pouches from the belt

Leveringstermijn +- 1,5 week.

The delivery time for this article is +- 3 weeks

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