Snigel I-Bar Set -10


Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.


The I-Bar is mounted where you want to attach your backpack, bag or Specialist backpack small.

It can be mounted on any backpack, vest or sternum.

How to assemble:

  1. Thread the strap under the strap on the platform where you want it to be.
  2. The strap should be laced in the direction the buckle should be pointing when attached.
  3. Pull the strap through the front hole of the buckle
  4. Pull the strap through the rear hole of the buckle
  5. Adjust the length of the belt
  6. Fasten the Velcro
  7. Pull the buckle to make sure it’s secure
  8. Attach the other buckles you need
  9. Attach the bag/backpack etc and make sure the buckles are placed in the correct positions


Additional information

Weight 0,010 kg

Black, Grey, Olive



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