GECO 3-9X42


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Proven for decades, this all rounder is particularly compact and easy-to-handle, and is perfect for stalking and high-seating. The reticle and larger lens diameter make it equally ideal for hunting in twilight.

GECO optical sights are unique in both the optical and mechanical quality and performance that they offer in this price class. The riflescopes catch the eye with their slender and extremely
compact length and low weight. The excellent optical quality is reflected in the very good fields of view and high transmission values. Large lens diameters ensure sufficient light reserves that extend deep into twilight. The fine, illuminated GECOdot with automatic shutoff (automatic reflex sight) and the integrated target turret (sight tower) GECOtrac are unique features in this class. All products have a 5-year warranty.


Diameter (mm) 25,4
Length (mm) 300
Weight (g) 400
Field ov view (m/100) 15,0-5,5
Reticle PLEX


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Tube diameter

25,4 mm

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