Men’s ambidextrous shooting vest in cotton and breathable mesh with micro suede slides, inner pockets for the “Beretta Recoil Reducer” and embroidered details on the front pockets. The DT11 shooting vest has been designed for both right-and left-handed shooters. It features micro suede slides on both sides and inner pockets for the “Beretta Recoil Reducer”. The front expandable pockets offer plenty of space for cartridges. Elastic inserts on the shoulders – in the colour of the iconic Beretta shoulder staps – and the elastic fabric at the sides make this vest very comfortable.


  • Elastic inserts on the shoulders.
  • Front slides in micorsuede.
  • YKK zip.
  • Front double-entrance pockets.
  • Beretta Active design on the back to emphasise the athletic gesture.
  • Breathable mesh on the back.
  • Beretta logo rubber patch in contrast colour on the back yoke.
  • Plastic clip to fix the bib on the back.
  • Elastic inserts on the sides.
  • Earmuff/towel binding on both sides.
  • Back multifunctional pocket.
  • Inner pockets for the “Beretta Recoil Reducer” not included in the garment.
  • Inner security pockets.


The Beretta shooting vest line DT11, named after the Beretta competition shotgun, has been designed based on the rich experience and expertise achieved during the realisation of the Uniform Pro vests. Starting from the suggestions of the Italian athletes, we have realised shooting vests that stand out for their both in functionality and details, including colours.