Armytek Dobermann Pro White


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A tactical flashlight that combines a wide and long-range radius. Optimal decision for those who can’t choose between Armytek Viking and Armytek Predator. Reliable body with standard diameter 1″ for most weapon assemblies. Additional accessories represented by original distance switches are designed for comfortable use of flashlight in different conditions.

Brightness up to 1700 LED Lm.
Radiation distance up to 395 m.
Up to 200 days of work with one 18650 Li-Ion battery.

Batteries are not included in the package.

Light & Optics

Colour temperature: White
LED light output: 1700lm
OTF light output: 1400lm
Bundle distance: 395m
Optics: Smooth reflector
Stabilization of brightness: FULL (constant brightness)
Hotspot: 5 °
Spill: 40 °

Dimensions & Weight

Head diameter: 34 mm
Length: 140 mm
Body diameter: 24.5 mm
Weight (without batteries): 115 g

Body & Durability

Waterproof and submersible pumps: 50m
Operation temperature : -25..+40 °C
Impact resistance: 30m

Modes & Electronics

Power source: 1×18650 Li-Ion / 2×18350 Li-Ion / 2xR123 Li-Ion / 2xCR123A
Number of modes: 9
Maximum mode duration: 1 hour
Runtime for minimum mode: 200 days
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact:
Protection from accidental switch-on:

Shipping within 24 hours! Also available in our walk in store.


Additional information

Weight 0,150 kg


Light colors

Neutral white

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